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NPR Music's 100 best songs of 2021

NPR has named Nausicaa from enargeia one of the 100 best songs of 2021: #38, to be specific. Nausicaa was written by Sarah Kirkland Snider from her 2009 song cycle Penelope.

"It's a relatively short and simple song, but "Nausicaa," in this breathtaking rendition, packs an outsized emotional punch. An aqueous synth intro yields to gently undulating strings, unfurling a subtle red carpet walkway onto which the Canadian mezzo-soprano Emily D'Angelo makes her majestic, yet intimate, appearance. And with one long, ravishingly phrased line ("Don't be afraid, stranger"), we fall under the spell of the beauty of the human voice. That the music, by Sarah Kirkland Snider and inspired by Homer's Odyssey, speaks of homecoming, makes it feel even more like safe haven in these extraordinary times. —Tom Huizenga"

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